Meditation Myths

We’ve all been told that meditation is an essential addition to our daily routines, and that it might even keep our monthly menstruation madness at bay. I can honestly say, from my personal experience, that it hasn’t! However, it has helped me realise when I am in the wrong and when to let go of the stubborn badge and say, sorry. Which for longevity of your interpersonal relationships, cannot be advocated enough.

Despite all these fantastic sales features, there are still a large cohort of people in the community that feel meditation is not for them for them. I’d like to address the three biggest reasons not to meditate in this blog, in the hope that you’ll swap your morning scroll through instagram for some much needed mind space.


No shit Sherlock! You worked 10 hours a day, you’re a mother for two and you watched Game Of Thrones till midnight. To suddenly ask your mind to just shut off like a light switch is like asking a two year old to perform Shakespeare. 

The networks in your brain are strengthened through repetition. Therefore it is essential to “rewire” these connections by reducing the amount of stimulation to your brain gradually. It’s all down to retaining habits and being consistent enough to see results, slowly and surely.

The thing to remember is that our brains are not designed to cope with the amount of information they’re expected to process on a daily basis. Burn out and exhaustion are often so easily avoided by just taking the time to sit in silence for a few minutes a day. Even if you mind is busy, it doesn’t matter. That lack of input is helping your brain stay sane!


If you don’t have 5 minutes for yourself to sit in quite on a daily basis, it’s time to look at your life and start making drastic changes. You ensure you have the time to brush your teeth, take a poo and make a coffee. All essential to normal functioning! Well, we need to start reprioritising meditation as a essential daily ritual for overall well-being.

If you spend ANY time in front of the TV, on social media, or squeezing your spots in the mirror, YOU HAVE THE TIME! It’s just not a priority. “But those things help me relax” I hear you say…. Take a second to look forward into the future and think: what will happen in ten years if i do those things daily. The answer is probably, little or nothing. However, if you meditate every day for ten years, you’ll probably going to be a nicer person, with a bigger smile and kinder heart.


The good news is, meditation doesn’t have to be sitting. The definition of meditation is anything you’re completely focused on. I’d like to add, ‘with minimal distractions’, only because we are all over stimulated and need more peace and quiet in our brains. 

I went to a meditation day once at a Buddhist monastery, and we were all asked to walk around the grounds slowly and with complete focus. Granted we looked like a bunch of extras for ‘Zombie Land’, but the exercise taught me that you can rock out a slow, moody walk as your meditation as effectively as a statue-still, cross-legged sitting pose.Whatever you choose to do is fine, as long as you keep refocusing your mind on the task at hand. Breathing, walking, a candle, your gold fish swimming… whatever.

In conclusion, no excuse is ever going to be good enough to NOT get on with your meditation. It’s as essential as taking a shower. If you don’t do it people will think you’ve lost your mind. But in the case of skipping meditation, you actually will! Give your mind time to slow down, reprioritise your schedule and trial a few different meditation styles till you find ‘the one’. 

celest pereira