My Passion

Hi, I’m Celest, and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to this website. If you love movement and you don’t take yourself too seriously, you’re in the right place. My passion has been movement since I was little, but I’m a sucker for having fun while I do it. So although my yoga classes and workshops will challenge you, we will always enjoy the experience. As a trained physiotherapist I’m also passionate about sharing tips that can make your body feel good, so check out my Instagram and Youtube to geek out with me.

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My Story

When I was little I was desperate to be picked for the hockey team, but these little legs were always last in line. When I found dance, I finally had a movement outlet that didn’t care how tall I was and loved the fact that I was bendy. As life progressed, however, I found myself in a lot of pain and discovered the cause was hyper-mobility. Just as hyper-mobility was glorified in dance, it was also glorified in yoga. During my degree in Physiotherapy I learned simple tools to help make our bodies work at their best. Desperate to see changes in the yoga world, I now use biomechanics and strength training as the backbone of how I teach. I want you to MOVE BACK INTO YOUR BODY and feel how all the parts fit together and how good they feel when they’re working properly.


Time For Change

Yes, the class will not always feel comfortable. Accessing strength is tough! We will do intricate sequences, strength building repetitions and about 50 handstands. But the rewards are great! What’s more important than long term use of your body? The added bonus is that popping into a handstand will actually become achievable. If I can do it, anyone can! I promise to play banging house music on full volume and to make the class so fun you’ll wish it went on for longer.

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Let’s Practice Online

Not able to catch me in class? not to worry, there is plenty of opportunities to catch me online. Practice full length classes with me by subscribing to Grokker or Yoga Download.